Acupuncture Service

Consultation and Fees Acupuncture

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation normally lasts about two hours. We spend about an hour discussing current health issues, medical history, life-style, diet and so on. This enables me to make a diagnosis of how well the organ systems are functioning and so how best to treat you.

I usually carry out an AE drain at this first session, to check that no energy is stuck in any of the organs. Needles remain in situ in your back until I am sure the process is complete – which can be 5 minutes or more than 50. I will take pulses many times during treatment, look at your tongue, carry out an abdominal examination and check any local problems you are experiencing.

The following planned treatment will be based on your needs, taking into consideration age, symptoms, general constitution and life circumstances.

Pulse Taking

I then work systematically to clear any blocks and treat any physical symptoms that are possible in the first session, taking care to treat only to your limits to receive treatment.

The goal is to move from treating symptoms/pathology to restoring health and to helping you reach your full potential in life.

Frequency of Treatment

A typical course of treatment would be initially 4 – 6 weekly treatments, spacing these out to 10 days or fortnightly intervals and then monthly and finally moving to treatment at seasonal changes to maintain full, long term health. How quickly you move from weekly to 10 days to two weeks between treatment depends on how well you respond to treatment, and how you are able to sustain wellness between sessions.

What to Expect After Treatment

It is a good idea to plan a fairly relaxed day after your first treatment. Energy that may have been stuck for many years will start to move and you may feel drowsy or need to sleep. Sometimes you may experience a healing crisis which can last for up to 24 hours after treatment. It takes 24 hours for energy to cycle completely round the body and until this is finished the treatment is still working. Sometimes symptoms worsen during this period as the body tries to flush things out, or areas of stagnation begin to move. After this initial 24 hour period you should see an improvement in your symptoms. For some people there is immediate relief, a feeling of deep relaxation and contentment that lasts long after the treatment session is over.

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